Introducing Winsergy: Blockchain meets Renewables

The challenges faced by the renewable energy adoption are many. Political pressures, government policies, corporate influence, age-old infrastructure, and present market scenario stand in its way for a wider adoption worldwide. Another human-sized issue is the blurry way of participating in the effort in a tangible way.

Winsergy believes in a healthy planet earth fuelled by renewable energy solutions and is contributing to the fight against climate change through the advancement of renewable energy power plants financed by FIAT investors and the sale of community tokens.

More than a marketing gimmick to attract holders, Winsergy offers a win-win model that allows holders to have an actual — Positive impact on the planet while gaining access to lucrative investment opportunities, morally unquestionable investments and tools that promote sustainable living.

Basically, by investing in Winsergy you’ll be part of a bigger — tangible project that not only champions sustainability but aims to make it accessible by fueling (pun intended) innovations to make sustainability an effortless way of life.

Let’s get into the specifics…

At Winsergy we combat this dilemma through the combination of renewable energies and blockchain technologies creating a unique opportunity for a community of like-minded individuals to take part in a longterm investment into humanity’s future while yielding short-term financial returns. This win-win approach is committed to use equity capital, profits from energy plants and transaction fees from token holders to advance renewable energy solutions in the form of wind, solar and other while providing lucrative returns both token and FIAT investors.

Now that this is out of the way... let’s discover our Token

The $WSGT token( Winsergy token) will be distributed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). $WSGT is a utility token that is essential for accessing the network services that Winsergy will develop in the future and for the reception of profit-sharing.

Winsergy offers you the opportunity to break through the noise of Telegram groups and take an active role in your investments and in the future of the planet. $WSGT tokens are required in order to participate in community events or voting, to use Winsergy’s products, services and to continuously develop the Winsergy ecosystem.

A seed sale has taken place and in the process, 50,000,000 tokens were sold and tied to a vesting. The vesting states that 10% of the tokens will be released for trading per week. The purchase price was $0.01.

Moving on to… Tokenomics

In the crypto sector, every transaction — buying, selling or sending the token — are usually taxed. This tax is divided up as follows: 2.5% goes back to all investors via the staking model.

7.5% goes to the company Winsergy to ensure the longevity of the token and the viability of our projects. It includes increasing the liquidity pool, securing Stock Exchange listings, marketing, reserves for event and new opportunities. Last but not least, it will also help us form a capital to finance the construction of solar panels and wind plants.

What really matters: Our Roadmap

Phase 1

  • BSC Token Marketing
  • Company foundation in Germany
  • Company foundation in Dubai.
  • Construction / participation of the first energy production plant
  • Create partnerships with: companies such as inverter manufacturers, energy providers, political resources & financial products providers.
  • Inspire fiat investors for the project
  • Create recurring revenue to cover fixed costs and salary

Phase 2

  • Expansion of the portfolio
  • Development & alpha testing of Smart Nodes
  • Expansion of FIAT division (import / export)
  • Select & expand distribution products

Phase 3

  • App development (energy sector)
  • Develop blockchain Decentralized Emission neutral
  • Smart Nodes (validation points + staking client)
  • Smart Node Cloud
  • Interconnection of private power plants
  • Energy exchange: sale of surplus or storage
  • E-filling station credit via blockchain
  • Reduced electricity bills through staked tokens
  • Further possibilities include: launchpad for own blockchain, hot-bridge/cross-chain, NFT stakes, platform and passport, energy consulting and further imports/exports.

We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about our project. Our medium account is live and we’ll be posting regular updates for our holders, investors and followers to stay up to date with our developments.

And before we go check out our Lite Paper to learn more about our projects, applications, staking model and much more.



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